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Natural Fabrics

In the wide world of bedding, synthetic blends and microfibres often take priority as a way to focus on profits. These synthetic or man-made “fibers” such as polyester and viscose are much less costly and make up most pieces known to fast fashion. 

Also, many cooling and anti-wrinkle sheets achieve their effect by using chemicals. These chemicals can include carcinogens such as formaldehyde and are known to cause long-term side effects like allergies, rashes, insomnia, and other issues that can disrupt a good night’s sleep. 

Needless to say, these fabrics aren't good for you, your family, or the environment. Many of these chemicals also aren’t governed at all, making it even more important to shop from brands that are open and honest about the sourcing and production of their goods. 

Rest easy knowing that we craft our bedding and bath with care from seed to finished product. We prioritize the most breathable, low-impact, and biodegradable materials designed to last.