Our impact

Action creates impact.
We’re starting here.

Natural Fabrics

Made from 100% cotton and linen, always.

In the wide world of bedding, synthetic blends and microfibres often take priority as a way to focus on profits. These synthetic or man-made fabric such as polyester and viscose are much less costly and make up most pieces known to fast fashion.  

Do you know that most cooling and anti-wrinkle sheets achieve their effect by using chemicals? These chemicals can include carcinogens like formaldehyde and are known to cause long-term side effects that include allergies, rashes, insomnia, and other issues that can disrupt a good night’s sleep. 

Needless to say, these fabrics aren't good for you, your family, or the environment.

Many of these chemicals also aren’t governed, adding to the importance of shopping from brands that are open and honest in their marketing about the sourcing and production of their products. We’ve recently seen several international companies come under fire for false sustainability claims, otherwise known as greenwashing.

Rest easy knowing that we craft our bedding and bath with care from seed to finished product. We prioritize the most breathable, low-impact, and biodegradable materials designed to last.

Ethical Practices 

Manufacturers that champion our vision.

We are proud to work with vetted manufacturers!

With products made in Portugal, Turkey, India, and soon Canada, we receive proof of purchase of all raw fibres purchased on behalf of our factories for Linen Reform production. It includes organic identification, location grown (and/or co-op) and purchase date.

This ensures our extraordinary, beautiful and highest quality organic textiles in the world.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The impact of textile waste on our planet is real.

For this reason, we focus on circularity in every step of creation. 

This means creating the highest-quality bedding and bath designed to last for years and ending the cycle of home to landfill.

It starts at the seed. 

Working only with credited manufacturers, we source GOTS-certified cotton from specific regions where governing laws are transparent. By partnering with those who offer open insight into their facilities, we're able to ensure their processes meets our standards of quality and care for all involved. Because of this, we work with Fair Trade™️ partners as much as possible. 

This ensures: 

- We use only the finest material with the smallest impact on the environment. 

- Every consideration is taken to guarantee the well-being of all workers. 

We’re well underway to gaining B Corporation certification and look forward to an exciting announcement soon!

Next up – you enjoy your heirloom-quality bedding and bath for years to come. 

Lastly, the day will come when you need to replace your linens. 

We’re currently hard at work sourcing a recycling program for your used bedding and bath materials, closing the loop. Stay tuned for more details about this program and when it launches.

Everyone is included

We're built on the mission to empower everyone.

Linen Reform is proud to work and partner with incredible people from around the world. We represent various cultures, ethnicities, and ways of life and firmly believe in granting equal opportunity to all. 

As a team dedicated to continual learning, we aim to bring awareness to social issues and lead by example.