About us

The social and environmental impact of every single item we create comes first. 

Our commitment to you is transparency and positive social impact at every step of the way. 

To start, we've sourced the most exquisite organic cotton and yarns for the creation of our products. Our cotton is sustainably grown in India and Turkey, and manufactured in facilities that value the well-being of their workers. As a purpose-driven brand, we’re deeply committed to social justice and a supply chain that benefits everyone involved. 

Did we mention that we are well underway to gaining B Corporation certification, too? That’s right, soon we’ll be certified for our sustainability practices, accountability, and transparency. Follow us to find out when it’s official.

Where it all started

Meet Nicole

Having built successful brands White Terry and IOH, Nicole's no stranger to the ins and outs of the textile industry. 

With this experience in her back pocket, Nicole saw an opportunity to create a new company that did things differently. A business that could be a force for good, that would help save the planet instead of harming it. Most importantly, a company that practices transparency, honesty, and stays true to its values. 

On its way to becoming a B-Corporation, Nicole envisions Linen Reform as a driving force that creates positive environmental and communal change.

Through working with carefully selected and skilled manufacturing partners, Linen Reform is on a mission to provide the highest quality products for homes and hospitality. Products made with the understanding that, much like a fabric’s weave, everything and everyone is linked and must be treated with care.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. 

We Believe Home Exists
Beyond Four Walls

Our impact

Natural Fabrics

Made from 100% cotton and linen, always.

Our impact

Ethical Practices

We only partner with manufacturers who share our values.

Our impact

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The impact of textile waste on our planet is real. For this reason, we focus on circularity in every step of creation.

Our impact

Everyone is included

We're built on the mission to empower everyone.